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The Ends Justify the Means

This is about ethics but i picture Calvin as Religion and Hobbes as.... well anything and anyone

Calvin and Hobbes reminds us of our sinful selfish nature and to look at an ethical situation from the other side.

Ethics and Psychology - Vignette Warehouse

Ethics and Psychology - Vignette Warehouse

A little while back, a friend linked to an article by Stanley Fish about moral relativism .  It’s a good article if you have a few minutes,...

Ethics: Principals of compassion, commitment to the patient and respect for human life and the uniqueness that each person brings to their own care should always be upheld.

Calvin and Hobbes - ...Should I kick him real hard in the shins? | No, I don't think violence would be justified. | Here's another hypothetical question. What if I already did?

Calvin and Hobbes. A word of warning - a hypothetical question from Calvin is never, never, never hypothetical.

I love this.

[Image: A Calvin and Hobbes strip. Miss Wormwood: Calvin, can you tell us what Lewis and Clark did? Calvin: No, but I can recite the secret superhero origin of each member of Captain Napalm’s.

It Really Snowed Last Night!! Isn't It Wonderful?? Let’s Go Exploring!!

The last Calvin and Hobbes Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip, December 1995

Child Hunger vs Other Catastrophes (Infographic) by Sara Osorio, via Behance

Child Hunger Infographic with a way to shop that provides meals for hungry children.❤ lots of statistics

All about Me

Might be a good way to start the year (especially if you have a lot of new students). I would allow students to pick some maybe) that they are willing to have shared. Then you could use it as an ice breaker also ~ Nice prompts for back to school.