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Calosoma scrutator, Weasel World, Alachua County, Florida, US | ©Alan Cressler - Calosoma scrutator (Carabidae) is one of the largest and most attractive beetles in North America. Like many other ground beetles it prefers to hunt at night and by day can be found hidden away under rocks, logs and other debris. However, unlike most ground beetles, Calosoma scrutator often climbs trees in search of it’s favorite prey item, caterpillars.

Calosoma scrutator is a species of ground beetle belonging to the genus Calosoma and the subgenus Acalosoma.

"Haruno Sakura" "Uchiha Sarada" "Uchiha Sasuke"

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Пледы в стиле пэчворк. Вязание с угла | Уют и тепло моего дома


**UPDATE :: Illusion Blanket, general instructions by Trish Smith (no specific written pattern). A very clever idea using corner-to-corner diagonal box st

The awesome #lighting in the background is taking this generally dark room to another level...just wow...

Campinas Decor: uma casa para a família inteira!

Love the branch idea for a family photo...my child would be up walking and balancing though!

Rooms that are small

Kids on fallen branch parents behind to stabalize. Could also be done from backside with parents holding hands behind kids backs. Family pics, family pictures, family photography tips

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