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Vintage C by Matthew Daniels Talented designer who has a knack for a little bit of everything. This vintage light-up sign was created using photoshop!

Yes script swash

25 Manners Kids Should Know. I was OBSESSED with manners as a kid and it's so important to me that Aubrey will be polite.

i looked at this and was like yea 10 years. then i thought about it and realized how old i am...

It strikes me how far things are in the past when talking about movies, and realizing, no that wasn't a couple of years ago, that was over a decade ago.

The Supreme Court didn’t rule just for marriage equality. It ruled for dignity and joyous lives.

Airbag is a trendy display typeface aimed at achieving a stylish, clean, slab look and feel. Airbag only has uppercase letters and numbers (with a few other characters thrown in for good measure)

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Mint Mint Mint

West Coast - contribution as a guest on Friends of Type. Featured in Communication Arts Typography Annual By Brent Couchman Design & Illustration.