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Over the years we've moved from one project management app to the next, never finding a suitable one that met our needs. We also got tired of having 4 different apps to run the company, so we decided to build our own. Taskware is a complete Project Management, time tracking and intranet app aimed at agency teams and startups. http://taskware.do

We are building something great for the long-term. We combine consumer usability with enterprise-grade configurability. We understand design, engagement, and the psychology of behavior and adoption. http://www.betterworks.com

Brilliant design for outstanding ideas. Get your message across with a beautiful and brilliant website that will make your idea dazzle in no time. http://makeitdazzle.com

Ever went out with friends and split a tab after a night at the bar? Counting and deciding gets messy. That's what Drinklist is for. Keep tabs on what you've ordered and the app will do the rest for you. http://drinklistapp.com

People is made of all the bits HR has been missing for years. It’s us giving you the stuff we never had but wished we did. http://www.peoplehr.com

Check the Olympic Story (Winter Games). Find the history of winter games, infographics, medal table, facts, numbers, mascots, medals and much more you would like to know. http://www.olympicstory.com

Create a new, responsive website for a growing music academy. Our client needed to reach a larger audience for their expanding business. http://www.musichouseschool.com

Growing our Colombia HQ we ran into a problem: Colombian job boards suck. So we decided to build our own focused towards design and IT jobs. From concept to launch we worked hard to create a product that eventually turned into a spinoff startup. http://empleame.co

Create the one stop destination for real estate in Colombia. Many companies have tried and most of them failed due to lack of customer experience and general search engine positioning. We needed to create a new location and building-based approach for visitors to find their dream home. http://www.casacol.co

JCPenney needed to create an immersive platform for web and mobile users to experience their new stores. They wanted their visitors to browse their stores and shop via their website. http://jcphometour.com

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