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meanwhile in, the hunger games, district two

39 People Who Had One Job and Failed So Miserably it Hurts

Essential Back to School Supplies. I would love new knives for back to school.only in an FCS room!

These are all the districts and their industry. Two tributes per district Comment to find if a district is still open, and follow to be added once I say there is still an available spot for a district.:

The Hunger Games - District Minimalist Posters

The Hunger Games plot twist. Awww I like this! I always sorta shipped Effie and Haymitch in a weird way.

The Hunger Games plot twist. At last a happy plot twist!

Homemade steampunk phone case - could even pour resin over it... if only I had an I phone

Homemade steampunk phone case - could even pour resin over it. if only I had an I phone Más

JohnDude you have to hear this! | OMG dude no way I was about to tell you something! Both on 3, ready? 1.... | 2.... | 3! | I was at the coffee shop and I put my name as 'Primrose Everdeen', but when they called the name, some douchbag stole my spotlight and took my coffee! | At the coffee shop, they called primrose everdeen, and I started screaming 'I VOLUNTEER!!!!' and took the coffee. LOL!!

Omg John dude someone stole my coffee Primrose Everdeen I volunteer. I stole the coffee.

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Choose Noise Cancelling Headphones to Neutralise the Impact of Ambient Noise

Hahahaha!!!!!!! XD I can't stop laughing!

The Hunger Games - Cato

Unleash your inner Katniss with this Hunger Games-inspired bracelet, which comes with a mockingjay and bow & arrow. The rope chain and vintage bronze metals will complement your Boho chic looks are we

Hunger Games Bracelet

Bele Vintage Style Red Leather Rope Arrow Hungry Games Laugh Bird Love Letters Infinity Love Bracelet Such a beautiful bracelet! Will definitely put on wishlist.

Hunger Games Problems #26 You know we all do it LOL....I do that whenever I go dress shopping...:)

Hunger Games Problem spinning in dresses makes you feel like Katniss at her first interview