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multi function standing bed furniture with a reclining sofa

The Ito is a self-standing, queen size wall bed system. This space saving bed features a reclining sofa. Designed in Italy by Clei.

I want and need this space saving furniture it's also a sofa  Ito | Queen Beds | Resource Furniture

Resource Furniture - convertible queen wall bed would be great for turning the small room into a guest room.

No wasted space with a plain wall - bed by night, sofa by day.  Great idea! I like this as long as it's sturdy enough to really be able to use the couch...

No wasted space with a plain wall - bed by night, sofa by day. I like this as long as it's sturdy enough to really be able to use the couch. What about making your own sofa with any murphy bed kit?

NuovoLiola - clei Multifunktionsbett - Schrankbett  - christophbrenner

The Nuovoliola 10 is a self-standing, queen size wall bed with a two seat sofa that provides additional storage underneath the sofa seat.

The Swing is a self-standing, queen size murphy bed with a sofa and sliding chaise. Swing also provides additional storage under the sofa.

Multifunctional solutions combine queen murphy beds with sofas, desks, shelving and storage – ideal for studios, guest rooms and more.

Altea sofa single or intermediate wall bed, Optimize your space

Altea Sofa provides sleeping space for guests!The Altea Book Sofa wall bed features an interior bookshelf system and two-seat sofa. Altea Book Sofa is available as a twin size or an intermediate size wall bed

Contemporary Wall Bed, Altea Sofa wall bed - Lawrance Furniture

The Altea Book Sofa is a vertically opening, wall bed system that features space saving interior shelves and a convertible two person sofa.

"Penelope Sofa", is a SOFA of 5.5' * 7' QUEEN SIZE BED.  This unit is apt Sofa model for one's living area, with its features and functionality can transform into a proper double bed for a guest or family itself.    The transformation of the bed is very creamy & you will find no joint between the mattress because our technology give you snug single mattress.   write to us enquire@ekseption.in for more information on the product.  #spacesavingbed   #wallbed   #multifunctionalFurniture .

Penelope Sofa Designs - Get Penelope Sofa Wall Beds Designs and Ideas from Ekseption. Find the latest designs of Penelope Sofa Wall Beds at ekseption.

SWING This is not your ordinary sofa bed. In fact, the bed is behind the sofa, completely concealed until needed. Clei’s Italian-designed and Italian-made Swing wall bed system is composed of a sofa with one or two lateral armrests (second armrest is optional), with an L-shape piece that slides in three different positions, including a reclining back rest, with storage space underneath the sofa seat. It is integrated with a living wall panel and it transforms into a comfortable double bed.

What a space saver! Contemporary Home Interior Furniture Design, Swing Murphy Bed System by Pierluigi Colombo Bed Detail

Interior Design HQ: How To Maximize Your Space In A Small Room using Furniture

A very cool style of murphy bed. I like the couch idea, much more than the wall closet. This could be used as the main sleep space in a smaller house or as guest sleep space where the house already has a master bedroom.