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Equal parts dark and light. A visual mind that dreams in black & white. It is in the in-between where I find beauty and life. Avatar and pics marked " are pics of me, otherwise I do not own content that I reblog. as of Thank you so much! xo

Watch out Ethne!! As soon as I get my license, be prepared to see me more often. Lol in other words get out some popcorn, movies, games, pillows, and covers.

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We are creating a new story. Live from your goals - From what you want to see. Take a deep breath today and shut your eyes (Just for a minute). Think about how you will feel when you get to your goal. Think about what health feels like for you.

Sophie. French. Optimistic mama. ♥ life, tv shows, cats, nature, movies, tea, la gourmandise & ma Normandie. Obsessive shipper, Multi-fandom blog, mostly Olicity and Arrow. you can talk to me on twitter, and on my...

A once upon a time, happily ever after kind. I wish on dandelions and shooting stars. NSFW none of the pictures are mine unless it is specifically tagged as such. Very taken by my DH. You can find Him at formydandelionprincess

Yes. I am going to be a better daughter, cousin and friend. Most importantly I am going to be a better ME so I can be a better MOM to the one person on this earth who depends on me and needs me the most. He deserves the world. I love you Buggy!

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