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Saatchi Art Artist: Ad van Riel; Oil 2004 Painting "Residence" 39.4 H x 39.4 W, $2600


Saatchi Art Artist Anastazia David; Painting, "The cherries" #art 39.4 H x 39.4 W $2000

The cherries

Saatchi Art Artist Ostap Patyk; Painting, "The Red And The Black" #art 36.2 H x 39.4 W $5000

The Red And The Black

Saatchi Art: The Red And The Black Painting by Ostap Patyk

Saatchi Art Artist Marek Hospodarsky; Painting, "Her last place" #art 31.5 H x 31.5 W $1000

Her last place

Saatchi Art: Her last place Painting by Marek Hospodarsky

Saatchi Art Artist Yukari Kaihori; Painting, “Encounter in the woods  I” #art

Encounter in the woods I

Saatchi Art: Encounter in the woods I Painting by Yukari Kaihori

Saatchi Art Artist Volodymyr Stadnychuk; Painting, “The Family” #art

Saatchi Art: The Family Painting by Volodymyr Stadnychuk

A little Teo  http://persefi.com/

Saatchi Art: Cosmic time Painting by Trendafila Trendafila

Three days ~ Fedora Akimova

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Saatchi Art Artist Mark Brooks; Painting, "Half Time" #art

Half Time

Saatchi Art: Half Time Painting by Mark Brooks

Saatchi Art Artist Zsuzsa Kalas; Painting, "Sleeping carriage opposite" #art 23.6 H x 23.6 W, $700

Sleeping carriage opposite

Saatchi Art: Sleeping carriage opposite Painting by Zsuzsa Kalas