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Daniel Infanger: «Träumereien eines einsamen Spaziergängers»

Daniel Infanger: «Träumereien eines einsamen Spaziergängers»

No British Columbian landscape would be complete without a mountainous range. Bring a little of that rustic horizon into your home with a beautiful collaged print. #art #mountains

Canadian home design: East vs West Coast style

Banff Sky, 2013 For her Broken Horizons series, artist Becky Comber travelled across Canada taking traditional nature photos, which she then.

11. dark hare * (gebruikt bij chocola maken links vooraan fijnstampen) *

Hare Portrait by by Peter Denness wins UK Wild Life Photography Award. Watership Down anyone?

Animals, Animales, Animaux, Animal, Animais

Burning Man - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

'Burning Man' takes its name from the ritual burning of a large wooden effigy on Saturday evening.

Underwater Antartic Penguins

David Doubilet Chinstrap and gentoo penguins on a small ice floe near Danko Island, Antarctic Peninsula. The guest curators for this year’s Festival of the Photograph—beginning June 7 in.

Kurt Arrigo in Underwater

Kurt Arrigo is Malta’s most eminent and one of the world’s finest marine photographers. Kurt has been passionate about the sea from birth.

Bom Crash! Pop! Zoom! Noo-rooom! Boingggg! Booom Boom

Retro style onomatopoeia in pop-art form, use of this theme is abundant in old comic books. Although childish, the "sound-words' create a playful image and a way to visualise the sound in an otherwise silent environment.

An inspiration for Oscar de la Renta #THEBOARD

I lu-hu-ve this series of blurry light photo's found on ffffound (I can't find who the actual artist is. I've always liked light seen through a rainy windshield or squinty eyes and these images capture that magic.