They Do Call It a "Play," Don't They? | Edutopia

They Do Call It a "Play," Don't They?

High school educator Raleigh Werberger shares a lesson plan for incorporating classical Greek drama into a PBL unit and folding kinesthetic learning into a study of history and language.

PBL and Culturally Responsive Instruction | Edutopia

PBL and Culturally Responsive Instruction

High School Educator Robert Wood explains the seven key elements for integrating PBL by explaining the pedagogical differences between Inclusive Cultural Response and Reactive Cultural Response.

Learn more about common misconceptions in project-based learning (and why they're a teacher's pet peeve) in this informative article.

My PBL Pet Peeves: 4 Common Misconceptions

Andrew Miller firmly addresses some common misunderstandings about PBL, including the ideas that projects are lessons and the public audience can be random.

#DistanceLearning is becoming a popular first choice for prospective students. Do you know why? Read on. #Level5Diploma #UKDistanceLearning

Here are the three main reasons why prospective students are drawn towards online path of learning.

7 Clothing Stores with Discounts for Teachers

Ten Takeaway Tips for Teaching Critical Thinking - Critical thinking skills are vital to higher education.these suggestions give some powerful tools to help students think and reason for themselves.

Looking to learn more about STEM + Arts integration? Check out Susan Riley's latest blogpost on STEAM.

Pivot Point: At the Crossroads of STEM, STEAM and Arts Integration

Rather than intimidating young readers with ancient pedagogy, encourage and empower them with livelier strategies such as partner reading or the manic Crazy Professor Game.

11 Alternatives to "Round Robin" (and "Popcorn") Reading

Motivate reluctant readers by engaging them with the three critical elements of healthy child and youth development: connection, contribution, and competence.

Game-Based Storytelling | Edutopia

Game-Based Storytelling

Game-Based Storytelling Edutopia All games tell stories. Unlike other media (books, television, film), the interactivity puts the player in the role of protagonist.

An illustration of four book covers connected by lines–1984, Macbeth, The Dead, and The Grapes of Wrath.

March Madness in the Classroom?