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Green Gourmet Buffet from Green Gourmet Kitchen, Newtown

Elvis burger from Brewtown Newtown

Ribs and Burgers Zetland has quite a decent lineup for lunch. The price point is…

Bpla Dtom Som from Chat Thai Westfield – steamed blue eye cod in caramelized palm sugar, turmeric and tamarind sauce.

Gigantic Pho with Medium rare beef and combination from Pho PHD

Beef Bonfire – Quanh Lửa Hồng - from Minh Restaurant, Dulwich Hill, Sydney

Bamiyan is the first Afghan cuisine that we have ever experienced. It was full of delightful dishes and interesting combination of food.

A combination of great food and great view is what you would get when you have a Catalina Rose Bay Wedding. Catalina is also a one-hat restaurant.

Mi Mamasita has the potential to be a very good restaurant in Rosebery. They offer quite a unique breakfast and lunch menu.

If you like grilled stingray - or the exotic goreng durian, Hawker Sydney might be one of only a few restaurants in Sydney that you could get it from.