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Printable Emotions Mix-Up Game #InsideOutEmotions #Ad

Printable Emotions Mix-Up Game

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c7c891224975d05af97fa013bbda05f8.jpg (1610×2208)

So I was beginning a survival world and I had a tiny shed that had only like 6 blocks of room in it and it was night and I didn't have a bed yet when a creeper came up to my door and locked me in... (and then I cheated and switched to peaceful mode...)

That's why you grow vines on you house and an entrance to your roof so there's a second entrance, or at least get a back door. Im not a big minecraft fan but this is funny!

Who said Enderman are bad? #minecraft #enderman Idk why I thought this was so cute

Who said Enderman are bad? Idk why I thought this was so cute <<< Yeah, me too. I thought this was gonna go bad when I saw the enderman, but.

minecraft poor endermen

minecraft enderman and a snow golem.<<<<<<<< golem, and i feel so bad for the enderman now he just wanted to build a snowman like Steve