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see what had happened was

you see...... what had happened was...........

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And then he dug up your favorite bush, and after that he chewed on the garden hose, and chased the neighbor's cat. (gulp) ~ Dog Shaming shame - Boston Terrier and Golden Retriever: Funny Anima

Dear DrunkKnitter, congratulations, you are a meme.

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Either this hammy stuffed a whole Triscuit into his cheeks or they now have square hamsters...

"What cracker? There is no cracker. Never heard of a cracker. No cracker here. I don't even like crackers. What are you talking about?

One of the Many Differences Between Dogs and Cats

One of the Many Differences Between Dogs and Cats

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where did you get a potato

Threw a ball for my roommates dog and she came back with a potato DSame thing right Honest mistake.

Lol - this cracks me up!

12 People Who Didn’t Realize How Smart Their Dogs Were Until Now

Public Dog Shaming "I may be deaf, but when my mama is signaling for me.I pretend like I'm blind too.


Some dog wisdom. Live like someone left the gate open! Unless the bed is warm. Then stay in bed. Funny dog image with captions.


There is only one dangerous breed: humans. So true. Depends on how their raised so many are just big babies.


funny caption german shepherd she just pretended to throw it why would she do it?