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Mayday Parade kids in love

I wish for happiness

Yep I took this pic and made this on my phone:) love this quote!

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boy and girl, hand in hand, sunset flower field :) this is my dream place.

you'll never understand

you'll never understand

Doing it wrong lyrics by drake

One of my favorite Drake songs!

young wild and free. I am going to write a song Old Depresed and aLonely and rap about being a mom. So what I drink juice So what I dont sleep Im just being a mom and I dont care who sees So what Im wearing pajamas Thats how it supposed to be Living For my children Alone or soemthing I dont know I HAVENYt worked it all out . FML

young wild and free.

Pink - Just like a pill

Pink - Just like a pill

coming full circle | diary of a single mom in the south

coming full circle

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Wanderlust, Restlessness and 16 tips on How to See your Everyday Life with New Eyes

Adventure Quotes Pictures and Sayings Quotes) - Page 4 .

One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching

im a free bitch baby

Stop this train - John Mayer.

"So scared of getting older. I'm only good at being young" - John Mayer's Stop This Train. So scared of getting older. I’m only good at being young. - John Mayer Photo credit / Quote credit / Submit yours here.

Just because everyone has to have a moment when finally, you don't care what others thing.

& she's the girl with her middle finger in the air. 'Cause for the first time, she doesn't care.

Kid Cudi. we-are-young

"I'm on the pursuit of happiness and I know, everything that shines ain't always gonna be gold. I'll be fine once I get it;" Pursuit of Happiness - Kid Cudi

Life 101.9 on Twitter: "https://t.co/cvL7p9qulM"

perpetual-grace: “ “Stress makes you believe that everything has to happen right now. Faith reassures you that everything will happen in God’s timing.


Best New girl moment ever