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Here Are 45 Rare Photos From The Past You've Never Seen Before. #7 Is Horrifying!

An ice-cold whisky dispenser, sometimes found in offices. bring back the office whiskey dispenser!

Burlesque queen Miss Zorita walking her snake - http://www.cultofweird.com/americana/miss-zorita-burlesque-snake/

Burlesque dancer Miss Zorita walking her snake

burlesque dancer, zorita, walks her pet snake. I need to see if there's a picture of my Pinkerton detective aunt walking her pet prairie dog :)

Scary ass s**t right there

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hang vintage portraits in distressed frames in your home to add an extra erie feeling for your guests.

Awesome portraits of vaudeville ventriloquist dummies. Awesome portraits of vaudeville ventriloquist dummies.

Knife thrower - http://www.cultofweird.com/sideshow/knife-thrower/

Knife thrower - vintage photo

Title: Untitled (knife thrower Signor Arcaris & sister Miss Rose Arcaris) Artist: Gardner Artist Bio: American photography studio, active late - early century Creation Date: c.

The 6000 year old kiss found in Hasanlu, Iran. | Unusual Facts

“ 6000 year old kiss. ” It was released in January I believe … Hasanlu is an archaeological excavation site in Iran, Western Azerbaijan, Solduz Valley. These skeletons were found in a.

My celtic way of life

Happy Mother's Day with a vintage photo (around of a lady who caught a huge fish lbs) Continue reading →

Hidden mothers in Victorian portraits- seriously the funniest thing ever

‘This was a practice where the mother, often disguised or hiding, often under a spread, holds her baby tightly for the photographer to insure a sharply focused image.’ - The Hidden Mother O__O creepy