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Published by souvenir press and panther books in September 1966 featuring stories by Terry Nation, Brad Ashton, and Russ winterbotham

#AgeOfXmen Nothing can stop the Juggernaut - but bad sales stop the Beast's storyline! Set in Rutland, Vermont, home of Tom Fagan's Halloween parade, and part of the great crossover with "Thor" 207 and "JLA" 103 (that one written by Len Wein; this issue colored by wife Glynis; they and this story's writer Steve Englehart - and Gerry Conway - guest star).

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DC Comics Presents #16! Superman and Black Lightning!

Check out this Superman and Black Lightning DC Comics Presents GD Item 30001846 - found by BrianJ. Find the Comics & Memorabilia:Comic Books:Bronze Age with FyndIt

Um, yeah...I'd go with Babs. Prettier. Red hair. Boobs. <3 <3

“Batgirl breaks up the Dynamic Duo!” - Detective Comics (November - Cover by Gil Kane and Murphy Anderson

Justice-League-of-America_181_Vol1960_DC-Comics__ComiClash.jpg (900×1349)

brudesworld: “Ross Andru and Dick Giordano, 1980 ” Take your fucking boxing glove arrow and leave.

Brave & the Bold Vol. 26 No. 164  1980  Batman and Hawkman by TheSamAntics

Brave & the Bold Vol. 164 1980 Batman and Hawkman by TheSamAntics

Doctor Strange Vol 2 2

Doctor Strange Vol 2 2

While Silver Dagger becomes aware that Dr. Strange still lives, Strange himself travels deeper.