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Vigías... would love to make an outfit like this for Halloween

Gargoyles in Pop Culture: Pick Five - Performers from Productions portraying gargoyles in Providence, RI.

gargoyles and faces - Google Search

gargoyles and faces - Google Search

The Gargoyles of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France - Life in Dutch: A Parisian Promenade (III)

Gargoyles watching from their places on ImpSec, or Cockroach Central. Image taken before ImpSec sank. // The reference is from Lois McMaster Bujold's Miles Vorkosigan novels and the event from Captain Vorpatril's Alliance.

Elephant Gargoyle - Notre Dame de Paris by jd1

Elephant gargoyle on roof at Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France, photo: Lois Kosch.

Gargoyles of Paisley Abbey, Scotland, rebuilt in the 14th century, uncredited photos

The Gargoyles of Paisley Abbey: The Paisley Abbey is a former Cluniac monastery, and current Church of Scotland parish kirk, located on the east bank of the White Cart Water in the centre of the town of Paisley, Renfrewshire, in west central Scotland.

(Hammered copper Raven sculpture by Wayne Chabre, U of O Natural History Museum, Eugene, Oregon.) Today is Winter Solstice, the shortest day/ longest night. I am reminded of humankind’s common impulse to encourage the return of the light, by telling the archetypal story. In southeast Alaska it is Raven, the Creator and Trickster, who devises a way to bring light to the people... (continue reading below.)

'Raven gargoyle' by American sculptor Wayne Chabre. Hammered copper, patina, x 4 x 3 ft. collection: Univ of Oregon Natural History Museum, Eugene. source: the artist's site. via Brooke Stone Jewelry