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Insant Karma: Thug Killed When Bullet Ricochets Off Robbery Victim's Face

MOAS 2.0Ti (One of the most deadly blades existent. It takes a surgeon to close a wound made by this type of blade. Without surgery the unfortunate victim will bleed out. Wolf ,'', ^@@^ ,'', )

EVIL WILL ALWAYS HAVE A GUN OR WILL AT LEAST HAVE A WEAPON SUPERIOR TO THEIR INTENDED VICTIMS!!! Support 2nd Amendment Rights. Support your God given right to protect yourself & your family.

Daddy Didn't Raise A Victim | Tee

Daddy Didn't Raise A Victim #guns #defense #country

Glamour and Headshots: Re-imagining Portraits from the 70s and 80s

Girls and Guns

If you’re looking for a storage solution that matches your passion for guns, while still keeps things on the hush hush, TacticalWalls has something for you. The company specializes in shelves that double as storage solutions for rifles and handguns. When folded up, they’re hardwood shelves that are perfect for holding pictures or knickknacks, but when you drop them down by disengaging two hidden locks with the supplied magnetic keys, there’s ample room for your firearms, thanks to a ...

James Miller was also known as “Deacon Jim” because he went to church and did not smoke or drink. Despite his piousness, he was actually one of the deadliest guns in the Wild West. He openly stated that he would kill anyone for money, and his rate was reported at anywhere from $150 to $2,000. Miller’s usual method was to ambush his victims at night using a shotgun and wearing a black frock coat, making him hard to see in the darkness. His coat also concealed a steel plate he wore on his…

Sex, Safety, And Machismo: How Guns Are Advertised In America

National Association for Gun Rights targeting women in support of gun ownership. THANK GOD THE NRA "TARGETS" STUPID WOMEN WHO HAVE REFUSED TO BECOME RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN SAFETY UP TIL NOW!!!

My wife took one look and decided she now wants one of these rifles. :-)

Kimber CDP II 1911 - customized by Jesse James =) perfect for my purse!