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The Living Room Candidate

Museum of the Moving Image. "The Living Room Candidate." Presidential campaign commercials 1952-2012. "Download the Lessons Lessons have been designed for use by high school teachers and students. Each lesson meets national common core standards in English Language Arts and New York State standards in Social Studies, which are specified at the end of each lesson."

The judicial branch of our government is a part of the checks and balance system of our government. Click on pin to preview our Children DVD about the Judicial branch.

The Living Room Candidate is a great resources for multimedia primary sources that can be used in an election unit in a government class or in a variety of ways in a history class. I have personally used this website in previous lessons and my experience has been that students enjoy using this.

In this lesson, we provide a primer on the presidential nomination process using resources from The New York Times and around the Web, so students won’t just understand how candidates get nominated, but they will be challenged to think deeply about how the system works.

Create a mock election for students within your classroom. Upcoming or former presidents can be the candidates for the election and students can "vote" based on how well they think they would govern our country. Students will learn about the importance of being an active citizen and having an opinion based on what they have learned about leaders.

The Living Room Candidate website has presidential election commercials since the 1950s and lesson plans to teach students how to evaluate the ads.

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