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Excels at Nothing: Zombie Apocalypse Pie Chart

#TooFunnyForWords click the pic for more! Funny pie chart

This is mom's time schedule!

SO TRUE! honestly. no facial expression but one - the raised eyebrow.

no facial expression but one - the raised eyebrow.

content of rapper interviews

Contenct Of Rappers Interview !

Thank you @Vanessa Samurio Curley for following me! I love your Taylor posts. I've been following you since I first got a Pinterest. Thank you!

Thank you supernatural

Zombies are coming!

Zombies are coming!

Very Important Information - more people should follow this advise!

Zombie Emergency Procedure --although I'm disappointed with the whole zombie on fire thing.

Oh newspaper headlines... :)

"Homicide victims rarely talk to police." I'm more worried about the ones that do. ZOMBIES apparently, they file police reports.

Damn you Auto correct

35 funniest auto correct text message - so funny!

so true! at least for me

so true!


Failed to create a correct pie chart.

Survival Zombie Apocalypse:  #Zombie Warning.

Funny T Shirt of the Day: Warning If Zombies Chase Us I’m Tripping You T Shirt by Snorg Tees

Funny Quotes about Zombies

Survival Zombie Apocalypse: "How to Kill a Zombie.

The reality of the #zombie apocalypse... (not as glamorous as we'd hoped)

Funny pictures about Zombie apocalypse reality. Oh, and cool pics about Zombie apocalypse reality. Also, Zombie apocalypse reality.

At this point, maybe I'd rather give up my voice then pay them back.

Funny pictures about College loans. Oh, and cool pics about College loans. Also, College loans.

Love ur zombie..

Zombie apocalypse: I wish one would just happen already!