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Living walls by Nikita Nomerz

The most popular wall we shared in this incredibly placed mural by in (also featured in our book Concrete Canvas!) Happy New Year from Team GSA!

old buildings, new art

Cool graffitis bring old buildings to life

gotstufff: “ GOT WALL FACES? Graffiti & street art from Russia. Some wall faces made by russian street artist Nomerz. Check his full collection via Street Files ”


Gallery: East Meets West in Hush’s Klimt-esque ‘Twin’ Series

Untitled, acrylic paint, screen Print, spray paint, ink on wood. By UK graffiti artist Hush. East Meets West in Hush’s Klimt-esque ‘Twin’ Series.

Eyebombing. Adding googly eyes to public objects // this is the best thing evar!!!!

Eyebombing, Humanizing the World, One Googly Eye at a Time

In the past six months, I have probably Googled “what to do with your [insert age] baby all day?” at least 287 times. At least. Of course, normal baby care takes up a majority of the day, but there are still times where I just do not know what to do with her and it [...]

5 Fun Activities To Do With Your 6 Month Old


Jaume Plensa, Crown Fountain, Chicago, southwest corner of Millenium Park. Glass towers stand at each end of a shallow reflecting pool. Faces of Chicago residents are displayed onto LED screens - looks like they are spitting water.