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#ComicReview The Gulid: Fawkes - I really like #TheGuild, I really liked the #FreeComicBookDay issue of The Guild comic. But I didn't like this one. Maybe it was because it was all about a character I didn't like already, but it also just felt like it dragged.

The Guild: Fawkes comic comes out on May Written by Felicia Day & Wil Wheaton Artwork by Jamie McKelvie Cover by Paul Duffield

Her Logic is Infallible

Her Logic is Infallible

PSA: Why do people keep doing this? Taking Parks and Recreation quotes and putting them with Supernatural stills? This was a quote from season 4 episode Park, Parks and Recreation.

Codex from The Guild Pin Up


Felicia Day as Codex from The Guild, an awesome webshow about online gamers. She stars in , produces and make many shows (including the Guild) for her channel Geek and Sundry.

Chris Hardwick and Felicia Day

Felicia Day and Chris Hardwick, they would make the perfect little nerd babies

Motivating a Potterhead. Level: Sam Winchester.  Bonus points for keeping the fan girl on track, as we do get distracted.

Motivating a Potterhead. Level: Sam Winchester.