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"herro." I smile and giggle. "I'm Jace. I'm loving, I guess. I'm addicted to making people happy. I'm shareable, weird, goofy, shy, and I loooove bubbles!" I flap my arms. "I'm 18 and bi, single as always haha. so uhm, introduce yourselves? bye!"

but in the none suicidal self-harm way. ^-^ because that's not what emo is, that's what we let it be. :( stay classy my friends!

king t'challa of wakanda, black panther, cacw, captain america civil war, marvel, mcu, avengers

#SherlockChallenge Day 14: Favourite Sherlock Livejournal. My favorite what now? Here’s a nice picture of Benedict Cumberbatch in a sheet instead. More

I'm listening to Centuries by Fall Out Boy and I think I just heard it say beware the frozen fruit...