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#GirlScout Vidya - With the growth of technology and the importance of being connected, Vidya's Gold Award project, “Focus on Abilities,” taught internet safety to those who are differently-abled. Not only did Vidya partner with AHRC Nassau to ensure she had the necessary skills to work with her target audience, she then educated her peers on how to work with those who have varying abilities. #goldaward #gsnc

#GirlScout Aubri - The purpose of Aubri's “Safety First Girl Scout: A Smart Girl’s Guide to Self Defense” was to raise awareness about the potential threats to the personal safety of girls. She created hands-on workshops that sought to inform and educate women on how to protect themselves and take precautions to prevent an attack. #goldaward #gsnc

#GirlScout Rebecca -“Nature in Your Own Backyard,” was Rebecca’s Gold Award project. Rebecca painted murals of habitats on Long Island at the Tackapausha Museum and Preserve. She used her talent as an artist to help educate young people about the environment. #goldaward #gsnc

Claire earned the Gold Award by leading a team of volunteers in collecting supplies for the Tamina Community Center and hosting a one-day activity event for girls there.

Sydney hosted a home gardening workshop for residents of an area assisted living facility and Carolyn set up a recycling program at her school to each earn the Gold Award.

#GirlScout Janelle worked with the Mineola Historical Society on her project “Preserving Mineola History.” Janelle used her information technology skills to not only preserve but to modernize how history was being preserved by the Historical Society. Janelle spent countless hours teaching members of the Society how to use the computer and digitizing hundreds of documents. #goldaward #gsnc