"Grooms are taking over, food will be served from trucks and weddings are returning to glamour with a capital G" Wedding Trends 2105

YEAH! weddings - the blog

YEAH! weddings - the blog

Kelly and Jed's wedding on June 1, 2013. Photo by Ellen Jaskol.

Ice cream Van treat for guests while you have photographs. Or go the extra step and have your wedding catered by a couple of foods vans, offering different cuisine!

These days, food trucks are no faux pas when it comes to wedding catering. They're a cheap, trendy way to get good, fresh food out to guests on the fly, and guests are excited to see trucks they know and love at your wedding. However, this is a wedding — not a street fair — after all, so here's how you should do food trucks the right way at your wedding.

How to Do Food Trucks the Right Way at a Wedding

Pizza Food truck for an evening wedding. Actually, a late night food truck of any kind would be pretty amazing