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Insect Queen / Keronian Queen

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This is the only reason why I would get a dog

15 Very Interesting and Funny Dog Haircuts

Greater Dog cosplay is done! Oh my gosh my dog is such a trooper He’s gonna be at Phoenix Comicon on Sunday if you’re going!

I really like this photo of my Undyne cosplay even though my wig was a mess at that time hahah! Photo by Mikael Hakali! More costumes…

The thing I love most about my Undyne cosplay is the jacket And please excuse the lack of makeup on my neck haha! Photo is by Christer Gustafsson. Anime is real - Undyne Cosplay (Undertale)

I'm not ignoring anyone, my Pinterest is just broken. I can't message or comment on anything.

Mettaton on the right and I'm pretty sure the kid on the left is supposed to be one of his No No 8 viewers/fans!

HoI! Pls halp TEm! TeM is stuk under da surfbord WOAWOAWOA


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Toriel from Undertale. (Details in link!)

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