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- Trilogy Consignment, Tarrytown NY

- Trilogy Consignment, Tarrytown NY

The Hobbit, and all the Lord of the Rings books! Began reading these at 12, and I've read them who knows how many times since. LOVE Tolkien's epic masterpieces.

The Hobbit. Tolkien takes us on a fantastic journey through Middle Earth and leaves us wanting more. If you love this book, then The Lord of the Rings will surpass you're expectations and fill that desire for more Middle Earth lore.

This is awesome! The Hobbit - Aragorn vs the Troll of Sauron... by yourparodies on deviantART

The Hobbit - Aragorn vs the Troll of Sauron. by yourparodies on deviantART; As for me, the Mouth of Sauron has a point.

I read the 2nd too which is called thirteen curses  what a awesome book!! I need the third!!

13 Treasures by Michelle Harrison. Mystery/Fantasy Find it under j HAR. If you like this, try book 2 - 13 Curses and book 3 - 13 Secrets. Guided Reading Level - Y

chained books from Cambridge College...Like Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone

Bodleian Library (Oxford, UK) this library was closed when we were there.still regret that. Was the library in Harry Potter AND has a treasure trove of Tolkien stuff.

HA see no one but the fandom will get this. THE TRUE FANDOM WHO HAVE READ THE ACTUAL BOOKS

Pretty funny Insanity Wolf meme poster I made. Insanity Wolf is one scary wolf.

Lookingthestars ❁Rick Yancey's The 5th Wave, The Infinite Sea, and The Last Star.

The Wave by Rick Yancey, a post-apocalyptic YA novel focusing on two teens who are trying to survive among the aliens who've taken over Earth

The Hobbit-daddy read this to my sisters and I when we were young.  I remember being all worried about bilbo when he was in the battle of wits with gollum.  A very fun read.

Fantasy story, tells the quest of the hobbit Bilbo Baggins in his search for the treasure guarded by a dragon. This novel is the prequel "The Lord of the Rings".