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Zebra rolling on dusty white sand (Artistic Processing) Etosha National Park - Namibia © Johan Swanepoel / Alamy

Baby zebra

* * I asked the zebra, " Are you white with black stripes, or black with white stripes?========== ZEBRA: Are you good with bad habits or bad with good habits?" ( I'll never ask a zebra abouts stripes again!

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Attack of the cute baby zebra.... / Hey, wait a minute. What kind of horse am I, anyway ?

I just saw a baby zebra at living treasures zoo, cutest little thing ever. If i had forever spray i would get a baby zebra and spray it.

Friends of a different pattern. Neck.

Animal Odd Couples

A zebra and giraffe rub necks together. Note how the giraffe got down on the ground to be at the zebra's level.

B/108 Aura-Soma Inspiration

Lime green salamander that perfectly bright lime green color *AMAZ*