1956 Modess Vintage Advertisement Bathroom Wall by RelicEclectic

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Maxime de la Falaise wearing a Charles James gown in Modess ad, photo by Cecil Beaton, 1950

1950s evening look photo print ad white lace evening gown strapless pink shawl scarf accents

In the and Modess sanitary napkins conducted an unlikely ad campaign. It showed beautiful women in gorgeous gowns with the simple caption "Modess because.

Modess ad

Formal Modess From Seventeen, August Modess ad. Looks like the same V geometry as V mag. For reasons geometric, aesthetic, and obviously sexual, that shape crops up a lot. Vs in fashion and art would be an interesting assemblage.

1950s | Tumblr Modess advertisement, 1951.

Vintage "Modess" Ad circa Such a lovely image for feminine hygiene products! I'd frame it in a vintage frame for tongue-in-cheek "powder room" decor!