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Once, when I was in the hospital, this doctor wanted to listen to my lungs with her stethoscope and I held my breath.

Im a police officer, today i pulled over a DUI suspect, instead he was having a heart attack, after doing CPR he's in the hospital and going to survive ... This is why i love my job

Dear Pandora, When I make a radio about a singer that means that I only want to listen to their songs Sincerely, I don't like related songs

You Touch It, They Feel It

This is still a really cool idea. I wanted to get this, but I guess It'll have to wait.

I wanted to know how my voice sounded when I sing... So i recorded myself singing to one of my favorite songs. Oh dear god! That was a HORRIBLE mistake...

"Women should be in the kitchen. Men should be in the kitchen. Everyone should be in the kitchen. The kitchen has food."