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Finding The Famous Painting of the Blue People of Kentucky

Most stories about the blue people of Kentucky include an eerie, compelling drawing of a family, with the stark faces of 5 of the 9 members a striking bluish-gray, due to an inherited disease. Most stories also borrow heavily from a terrific article by Cathy Frost from Science 82, a long-gone magazine that I quite liked. Frost’s piece, “The Blue People of Troublesome Creek,” is usually credited, but the painting not, or misattributed to ABC News, various newspapers, or simply deemed…

Sylvia Plath drawings at The Mayor Gallery

"The Pleasure of Odds and Ends" Sylvia Plath's Drawings (at The Mayor Gallery - Telegraph)

Children have been drawing the "Pointy S" since the dawn of time. I used journalism to find out where it came from, sort of.

'100' (from 0 to 100 years in 150 seconds)

Cover Story: Tom Gauld’s “Fall Library”

papercrow: The Star-Look, I made a tarot card for my Inquisitor! I tried to make my card fit in with the rest of the deck and, well… I tried.I probably should mention that I got heavily inspired by Alphonse Mucha’s Morningstar for this piece (:

Take a look at "Rebound" at the Hasley Institute of Contemporary Art. Five contemporary artists who dissect, sculpt and transform books and other printed material into art. A dozen more images at the link:

A New 100-Day Miniature Painting Project by Lorraine Loots Tackles Vintage Book Covers, the Cosmos, and Furry Animals