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The Final Moment After visiting Scotland back in 2009 a lot of ideas spawned in my head. It’s such an inspirational country for fantasy lovers. This one was inspired by Loch-Ness…beautiful scenery, no.

By artist Reynan Sanchez -   Pinner: I am horrified by this, but it illustrates the evils of mankind

Time to celebrate this new week with the art of Reynan Sanchez through this selection of recent artworks for Applibot and a mix of older illustrations.

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"Dreamer Above the Mist" Based on this painting by Caspar David Friedrich. (Nyarlathotep borrowed from the Field Guide to Cthulhu Monsters. (Based on a fave painting, influenced by a fave movie + a couple of fave genres.

London's Newest Street Art Show Hits Shoreditch

Travel Inspiration

Showing: Phlegm – “The Bestiary” @ Howard Griffin Gallery « Arrested Motion

A royal and her undead servant, fantasy setting and character inspiration new queen by obywatelsowa on DeviantArt

WrongHand1 by menton3 on deviantART

Trying to learn to work with pens and inks better, so just messing around with them a bit. Ink washes and pens.

I think I'd pick The Architect, The Astral Informant, and the Abyssal Bestiary.

Eldritch Revelation The Architect, Flesh Sculpture, and The Astral Informant