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Not Pulp Covers • Waterfront Fists

Not Pulp Covers • Waterfront Fists

retro ultralight upgrade by s2ka.deviantart.com on @deviantART

retro ultralight upgrade by Leonardo M. Giron, on deviantART



Dieselpunk:  "#Dieselpunk Bomber," by Lipatov, at deviantART.

dieselpunk bomber by Alexey Lipatov, ~Lipatov on deviantART

"Object C" by Mike Doscher. Some people make dieselpunk design look so easy!

New vehicle concept, just for fun: The war ended, the tide rolled back.

"Go South" by Waldemar Kazak...I feel like Ryan would really like this art style and subject!

Living on the outskirts of an industrial city with it's gloomy landscapes, huge factory buildings and smoking chimneys had a an impact on Russian born artist Waldemar Kazak.

Indiana Jones by Eric Tan

"Have the Adventure of Your Life Keeping Up with the Joneses" This Giclee print features iconic characters from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. By artist Eric Tan.

Airliner No. 4 - Norman Bel Geddes - Forgotten Futures

dieselpunkflimflam: dieselfutures: Airliner No. 4 - Norman Bel Geddes I’d do a lot more traveling if I could book seats on this! That’s totally the Titanium Turkey from TaleSpin (via dieselpunkflimflam)