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mouth as an eye

Piranha Mouth - of 10 Thank goodness lips don't have eyes, because if they did, this is how freaky they would look. Yet again, thank you very much for doing this in makeup and not as a tattoo, because we .

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Realistic Paintings on Skin Transform the Body into Mind-Bending Optical Illusions

Realistic Paintings on Skin Transform the Body into Mind-Bending Optical Illusions Amazing body art


Scary halloween make up. I'm sure Cierra would like this make up because it's so scary and effective using only black and white, and coloured contact lenses.

Post with 10233 votes and 251719 views. Shared by LifeIsAintIeasy. 19 year old makeup artist has some mad skills

Human Rag Doll Mask Mature Content by SometimesAliceFX on Etsy

Halloween is coming and only few days are left. People are busy to get different ideas of costume, This post contains the Creepiest Halloween makeup ideas.


Lithuanian-born Saida Mickeviciute is only 19 years old, but she's already an incredible makeup artist. Good luck finding her, though, because she's just too good at transforming her entire appearance.

Electron Microscope

18 Everyday Things Made Awesome Under A Microscope.

18 Everyday Things Made Awesome Under A Microscope. <<< Everyday things made gross under a microscope


10 Most Amazing Body Paintings painting, body painting art) - ODDEE --- idea; eyes bigger than our mouths;

Love this zombie look, no blood or gory stuff but it is still as effective with the pale complexion and the dark circles around the eyes. And possibly using contact lenses for the added effect.

Zombie makeup ideas and detailed instructions on how to create your living dead look, with a Walking Dead makeup tutorial. Get your dead on this Halloween!(How To Make Dress Room)

~ Soul Searching by Michael O~

Soul Searching by Michael O. This painting made me stop to think about soul searching. I love the original idea of the person looking in at her own soul.

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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Hence, eyes have to be the one thing that have to look good on your face. Eye makeup is best method to make someone

Women's Mouth/Eyes, aren't they sometimes the hardest thing to draw?

Women's Mouth/Eyes - I'm fairly good at drawing lips, but I can mess 'em up pretty easy too. I love how they do the eyes--I've tried to get mine to turn out that well, but. This is a pretty sweet look at the different angles.