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We offer expert opinions on how to catch 10 species of the largest freshwater gamefish including muskies, bass, lake trout, catfish, alligator gar, and more.

We offer expert opinions on how to catch 10 species of the largest freshwater…

Largemouth Bass Diving for Lure

How Top Water Bass Fishing Works

Top Water Bass Fishing Techniques - Top water bass fishing techniques depend on the lure being used. Learn about all the top water bass fishing techniques at HowStuffWorks.

I miss my daddy, we used to go fishing together all the time!! Wished he was here...I love you daddy!!

Bass Fishing Secrets

A little knowledge about the Largemouth bass fish is important for successful Largemouth bass fishing. Largemouth bass fishes have typical jazzed strips formed by dark spots. The distinctive physical feature of Largemouth bass fish is the upper jaw.

Going Fishing

My Dad likes catching Large Mouth Bass at Beech Fork Lake Beech Fork State Park Lavalette, WV. Wayne County just outside of Huntington, West Virginia my hometown


Dan Hatala Great Lakes Largemouth Bass

This Largemouth bass is about to take the bait in this great fishing print by Dan Hatala. The world record for catching a largemouth bass dates back to 1932 when George Perry is credited with bringing