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The first series of Topps Wacky Packages stickers from LAVIRUS "Mouthwash and Gurgle" It wasn't until pinning this one that I finally got the pun "La virus." I was a pretty dumb kid I suppose.

BRENT ENGSTROM'S BLOG: Wacky Packages All New Series 9 paintings

Wacky Packages All New Series - Bing images

Topps Wacky Packages  4th Series 1973 BENT CIGARETTES

The fourth series of the 1973 edition of Topps Wacky Packages stickers.


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Image from http://www.collectorsweekly.com/articles/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Toadal.jpg.

This poster for Toadal is folded, but Schools has one that he got directly from Topps with nary a crease.

BRENT ENGSTROM'S BLOG: Wacky Packages all New Series 7 2010

Don't fall for their assumption that they serve food. Fast food is not food.

Wacky Packages - 7th Series 2010 Sticker #45 Jowl-O

Wacky Packages - Series 2010 Sticker Jowl-O