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A National Geographic map shows the location of Lumbini, Buddha's birthplace, as well as Buddhism's three other holiest site: Bodh Gaya, where he attained enlightenment; Samath, where he first preached; and Kusinagara, where he died.

The Spread of Buddhism, 500s B.C - A.D. 600 This map shows how Buddhism spread from India throughout Asia. Buddhism began in northeastern India, the birthplace of Buddha, and from there spread along trade routes. By the first century it had reached China. From there it traveled to Korea and on to Japan around A.D. 600. Buddhism also took hold in Tibet during the 600s. Buddha (c. 563-483 bc)

The Uttarabodhi mudra is called the mudra of supreme enlightenment. This mudra is formed with both hands placed at the heart; index fingers touching and pointing upwards, the other eight fingers intertwined. It is a hand gesture that clearly evokes a sense of unshaken unity within oneself in aligning with the One source. ♥♥♥

11x14 Find Joy in the Journey map canvas. Great for graduation gifts or adding a little adventurous spirit to your home! Map location may vary. Please message me to customize map background (i.e. a certain state or region).

Giant Buddha statue in BodhGaya, India - The place where Gautama Buddha Attainment Enlightenment, by jocelyn.aubert, via Flickr

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