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A National Geographic map shows the location of Lumbini, Buddha's birthplace, as well as Buddhism's three other holiest site: Bodh Gaya, where he attained enlightenment; Samath, where he first preached; and Kusinagara, where he died.

Religious roots of Buddha's birthplace traced back 2,600 years

Archaeologists in Nepal say they have found traces of a temple structure linked to Buddha's nativity going back to the sixth century B.

Sparta was located by a river, giving it the ability to become a great agricultural society.

Altogether there were over 1500 city-states in the Greek world, but some of these would barely qualify as towns in modern terms.

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Maharashtra Map - Explore map of Maharashtra to locate districts, state capital, district HQ, state boundary and district boundaries.

Italy 1494 - Duchy of Savoy - Wikipedia

Italy 1494 - Duchy of Savoy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Political Map of the Middle East

Middle East Map - Map of the Middle East, Middle East Maps of Landforms Roads Cities Countries Outline

Hungary-The Home of my Ancestors!   I think of Hungary and my fellow Hungarians everyday!

Hungary Large Color Map

Hungary-The Home of my Ancestors! I think of Hungary and my fellow Hungarians everyday!




News from Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan

The Echenbergs of Ostropol and Sherbrooke: A Tale of Two Shtetls

The Polish nation in the territorial demands and the boundaries of Poland since