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i LOVE THESE LADIES! Elle Effect › Cameron + Alex | Colorado Wedding Photographer

i LOVE THESE LADIES! Elle Effect › Cameron + Alex | Colorado Wedding Photographer

Re-Stakes!Cartoon Network is re-running all eight episodes of Stakes! tonight, Friday, beginning at 7/6c.And how about a special round of applause for Joy Ang. Not only did she work up the miniseries’ eight title cards you’ve dug so much, but she also created this terrific art for the upcoming Stakes! DVD. Look for it on January 19, 2016.

kingofooo: “Adventure Time: Stakes DVD cover artwork designed and painted by character & prop designer Joy Ang STAKES premieres Monday, November at on Cartoon Network The DVD is set to be.

The Mummy (1999) PG-13 - "Death is only the beginning."

The Mummy (1999)

The Mummy - 1999 - written and directed by Stephen Sommers. Starring: Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah, Kevin J. The first and still the best of the Mummy movies.

to my best friend

What Type Of Best Friend are You?

Because best friends obviously run through fields together. What else would you do for a bestie photo shoot?

Inspirational and useful websites | Travel Tuesday

Inspirational and useful websites

Funny college and high school graduation quotes for son and daughter from parents. Short inspirational Graduation Quotes for yearbook or congratulations.

The allure of the iPad is not the form factor or the pretty display. We buy an iPad for all the wonderful apps. So here's a quick guide on the first three apps you should download to your iPad. And don't worry, all of these apps are free. They also happen to be among the best free apps on the iPad.

Does the iPad 3 Live Up to the Hype?

(OPEN RP) I sit in the middle of no where and write about everything that's happened. Everything but I've come here to think too and to take some pictures maybe ding if I'm feeling Disney princessy I sit and just when I get my camera on a deer someone stomped up behind me I turned around and saw....

Elements of Setting: How to Create a Vivid World

//This looks like such a peaceful, fun thing to do! Just lay in a field or somewhere in nature and write in your diary or read a book or write a book! Definitely on my bucket list of things to do!

Resource: Vocal Warm-Ups and Sight-Reading Exercises | Adventures of a Music Teacher

Resource: Vocal Warm-Ups and Sight-Reading Exercises

v e e r l e i d g a f ❃

12 Adult Summer Camps That Will Reawaken Your Inner Child

go canoeing with my best friends.we would so tip the canoe in the middle of the lake