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Catwalk stone parachute pants-LALAjeans.com-$35

Catwalk stone parachute pants-LALAjeans.com-$35

MC Hammer pants, sewing pattern...    STOP! Hammer time! ;)

Parker wants to wear parachute pants in college. Hammertime pants are completely different according to him.

Parachute Pants were popular.  They were tight at the top and they got looser as they went down.  They were worn by women and men.

Parachute pants became a fashion sensation in US culture in the as part of an increased cultural appropriation of breakdancing. I never owned them, but I did go to school with some kids that melted themselves to the school radiators.

Washed Jean Jackets - 80 Greatest '80s Fashion Trends | Complex

The Greatest 80s Fashion Trends

Still own those neon colored exercise suits from the If so, you can go ahead and add those to the list of things you should get rid of before you move.

these pants look so comfy but I don't think I could pull them off

Why don& I own a pair of parachute pants? & I can& pull them off, but they& still cute.

Image Via: The Pursuit Aesthetic

Alexandra Pereira is the great mind behind Lovely Pepa that was named after her cute bulldog Pepa. Alexandra is a Streetstyle Spanish .

She is killing it with this outfit yesss

A combination of strong neutrals. I could go for a wide-leg flare pant such as this. The little pop of color in the clutch doesn't hurt either.


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A cute and casual bohemian pant. I love how the cut of this pant is below the ankle. Not sure If I could pull them off but they're cute!