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Baptism on the Cane River, ca. Religion and Ethnic Identity: The Cane River Creoles.

Lottie Campbell, c.1888.    I would date this to the late 1880s because of the tail bodice, a style dating back to around 1883 but which remained popular until the 1890s. If you look at the back of the bodice, you can see it has tails that extend all the way down to the hem of the skirt.    Fingerless gloves.    Her hat looks like it has skyscrapers on it, which is probably not right but awesome.

Lottie Campbell, sister of Sylvester Perkins and Mary Ann James. This fashionable woman helps to illustrate the presence of Black pioneers in Utah, and the contribution of African Americans to the social fabric of the Territory and State.

1935 Great Depression farmer in Marysville, CA

Texas tenant farmer in Marysville, California, migrant camp during the peach season. 1927 made seven thousand dollars in cotton. 1928 broke even. 1929 went in the hole. 1930 still deeper. 1931 lost everything. 1932 hit the road. fruit tramp in Califo

A Kingston Washing Girl

A Kingston Washing Girl Black Americana. Well, not Americana as Kingston is in Jamaica, but a relaxed and pleasant image.

I like this picture. Wonder what she was looking at...

This is an old photograph of a young African American lady posing for the camera on a Winter's day. There is nothing to identify this lady or when or where this photograph was taken. My guess is that this was sometime during the late or early

mulheres negras na era vitoriana. as fotos datam de 1860, período em que o movimento político para abolir a escravidão tomou maiores proporções nos Estados Unidos, a 1901, 38 anos após a abolição no país.✊

blackhistoryalbum: “ THE BLACK VICTORIANS Name unknown. Hugh Mangum Photographs Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library, Duke University (circa ”