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josephine meckseper

josephine meckseper

Whenever economic hardships hit, there is a growth in the sales of cosmetics. Case in point, the Wall Street Crash of ’29 caused a huge spike in lipstick sales and more recently, nail polish sales have skyrocketed due to the recession. Madrid based brand SuTurno has created two gorgeous scarves made of 100% silk to celebrate this trend in history as well as 30s glamour and the surrealist humor of Elsa Schiaparelli. We love the muted tones that contrast so nicely with bright pinks and reds!

Blondell Scarves

SU TURNO (Madrid) and Elsa Schapparelli, celebrating the high sells of cosmetics after the crisis: lipstick in 1929 and nail polish today.

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Anna Cleveland by Viviane Sassen for Purple FW 17.18

Anna Cleveland by Viviane Sassen for Purple FW