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Very funny. I had to cheat to figure out what it meant. seem to have forgotten any math course I took in college -- all values (from zero to infinity) are less than love. So neat if you love a math nerd

One of the best ideas for a 'cover up' name tattoo I've seen....nice!

LOL A different and cheaper take on the cover-up. Awful, yet hilarious! Lesson: If it isn't your mom, child or a dead person, NEVER ink names on your skin!

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It’s the golden ratio and the result is 1.618, the number of perfection or phi, the divine proportion.

Science Maths Geek Tattoos - golden ratio - result is 1 point 618 - number of perfection or phi

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This is the exact placement I want for mine! Except a cross instead of an anchor and I want it to say with pain comes strength