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As much as you wish it to be true, it will just never happen.

You not only love them because they are a group of very attractive, very talented, British pop stars.

@Kayla Barkett Geiger look at the Niall. That would be me with my kids!!! And also read my One Direction board!! Read the one with the long paragraph!!!!

How One Direction would wake up their future children Niall's is so cute!<<<<< This is soooo fetus but it's still soooo kawaiii

Omg this is totes Genessy everyday at lunch @Genessy Terrazas @Silvia Rios @Flor @Daisy Dominguez

Yes, this can't be more accurate! Exept me and my friend are freaking out and there's this one friend that's like Liam/Zayn.

this doesn't actually happen to me but this is funny af

I'll be sitting in class and the teacher will say something like "It goes in One Direction" then I'll see Nikita and Allanah looking at me. Lol yeah its funny af

True heroes

This some of my favorite one direction drawings or whatever you call. I love this.<<<<<<< it's off the movie.

It's funny because it's true.

There's no escaping the One Direction fandom once you're in it. Resistance is futile!D >>> You can check out any time you like but you can never leave - The Eagles reference anyone?