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Rembrandt Unicorn Running Charm

Rembrandt Unicorn Running Charm

Catch this flighty creature with this yellow gold Unicorn charm! Perfect for any mythical charm collection!

Sunburst charm by Rembrandt Charms- The World's Largest Charm Collection.

Rembrandt Engravable Sunburst Charm - These charms are part of the Rembrandt Charm collection. All Rembrandt Charms are available in Sterling Silver, Gold Plate, Yellow Gold, Yellow Gold .

Australian Charm Boomerang $17.50 http://www.charmnjewelry.com/sterling-silver-charms.htm  #Australia #Boomerang #Hunting

Gold Boomerang Charm (Height inch) by Rembrandt Charms with a Lifetime Warranty.

Typewriter Charm In Sterling Silver

Typewriter Charm In Sterling Silver

Rather use the vintage typewriter to get documents written up? Then use this Sterling Silver solid typewriter charm!

Boom Box Charm $29.50 http://www.charmnjewelry.com/category/sterling_silver/Music_and_Dance_Charms.htm #CharmnJewelry

Then you absolutely need this white gold flat back engravable boom box charm to announce it! Add this boom box to your collection today!


Create your beats and tempo with this Sterling Silver engravable flat drum. For the musically inclined this Drum charm is a perfect addition to your charm collection.

#2014WinterOlympics Silver Charm. 3D Hockey Stick. The game of hockey originated as the game of Hurley. It was played in the fields of Nova Scotia back in the early 1800's. Go Team USA! Style # 3600 See more silver charms at http://www.charmnjewelry.com/sterling-silver-charms.htm

Take a shot at the goal with this charm! Keeps the hockey game going with this Sterling Silver Hockey charm stick in your charm collection today!

Princess Unicorn necklace

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, a magical creature was brought to life with the Princess Unicorn. This enchanting animal is said to be a guardian and