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Today's ebook readers will not wait for the action to begin. They want the story, and fast. Writers will have to adapt to the new book buyer, or fail.
Man pleads guilty to stealing from Red River Army Depot
Is adrenal fatigue REAL? Almost everyone I work with has some form of “adrenal stress” show up on their intake forms, but this means something very different to me than the adrenal fatigue everyone is talking about. #healthtip #adrenal
Bill Murray is now in the Minor League Baseball Hall of Fame. His induction speech is 13 minutes of awesome.
Tina Fey blasts 'Hollywood bulls---' she heard at Oscars (but Leo's OK)
Let's be clear: I agree there is no justification whatsoever for gunning down journalists or cartoonists. I disagree with your seeming view that the right to offend comes with no corresponding responsibility; and I do not believe that a right to offe...