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Non governmental organizations. Humanitarian aid wherever in the world it is needed. This is on my bucket list bc I hope to one day work for one of these companies who fight for human rights. I'd especially like to work in the field for one that aims to end human trafficking and help former children and adults sold or forced into sex slavery. I feel this is one of the most heinous things human beings have ever done to one another especially children.  S.D.

The edition of the Global Journal 100 Best NGO’s 2013 was based on based on three key criteria: impact, innovation and sustainability

10 Most Profitable Non-Profits

fundraising infographic & data fundraising infographic : Non-Profits: Top to Bottom. Infographic Description fundraising infographic : Non-Profits: Top t

Content Marketing für Non-Profit --- for Non profit

How To Write Better Content For Your Website

molliecullinane-How to start a nonprofit

Here are 10 steps on how to get status for your nonprofit -- including state incorporation, governance, and IRS Form 1023 tax exempt application.

Diversify Your Fundraising - Teach your kids that are blessed to grow up with excessive means that just as much responsibility and civility goes with it ~

Nonprofit development professionals should know that they are not limited to just one or two revenue sources. This infographic features the most important fundi

Don't ask for a donation - Change your wording

35 Expert Tips for End-of-Year Fundraising - Don't ask people to "donate." Instead, ask them to "join," "build," etc. Appeal to identity and emotion, not wallets.

Cracking the Code of Non Profit Crowdfunding

Fundraisers with a video raise more than those without videos. Infographic: Cracking the Crowdfunding Code crowdfunding tips, crowdfunding campaigns


Organizations tap into a broader network of donors with crowdfunding for nonprofits. Volunteers, donors and staff setup crowdfunding pages in minutes.

10 PR Strategies for Your Nonprofit #Infographic #PublicRelations

10 PR Strategies for Your Nonprofit #Infographic

A strong PR initiative is inherently more valuable than advertising strategies. Learn how you can start inserting your nonprofit into the media quickly, and easily, right now.


To help nonprofits learn what motivates volunteers, Assurex Global talked to several experts and created this infographic to share what they found.

How does your nonprofit’s marketing stacks up against your peers? Find out in the Nonprofit Marketing Guides' 2016 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report.

How does your nonprofit’s marketing stacks up against your peers? Find out in the Nonprofit Marketing Guides' 2016 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report.