The audiobook download of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum, read by Anne Hathaway, is free from Audible. This performance receiv...

Free Audiobook - The Two, by Will Carver and narrated by Richard Aspel and Nicki Paull, is free from Audible (Random House Audiobooks). There may be some geographic restrictions, but you shouldn't need a monthly membership to grab it.

There's a new strong man in Russia but his rise to power is based on a dark secret hidden decades in the past. The solution to that mystery lies with a most unexpected source, President Jack Ryan.

Silent Joe (Revised March 2013) by T. Jefferson Parker, With the horrible scars of a childhood tragedy forever burned across his face, Joe Trona is scared in more ways than one. Rescued from an orphanage by powerful California politician Will Trona, Joe grows up to be Will's right hand man -- gopher, driver, confidante, bodyguard, fixer. When Will Trona is gunned down in a dark alley in a hail of bullets, quiet, obedient Joe vows revenge.

Two Free Books by Jonathan Wood You can get a free download of No Hero and Yesterday's Hero, both by Jonathan Wood, thru the weekend, over at

Free Book - Pets in a Pickle, by Malcolm D. Welshman, is free in the Kindle store and from Barnes & Noble (where it's the Free Friday selection), courtesy of publisher John Blake. It isn't free for those in the UK, but is marked down.

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