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14671214_10208892373680029_3929272511580228971_n.jpg (500×287)

I'm an apple (I never thought I was going to say that in my life)

I'm a bean pole. I've got a thin body. I'd be more thin but growing makes my skin stretch over my bony shoulders and hips.

How to Draw Mariabella and Plus sized Body type. by GingerQuin.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I wanted to make this in case anyone wanted to draw her. I'm kinda sick of seeing Ocs with skinny bodies and in the description the admin states there f. How to Draw Mariabella and Plus sized Body type.

Body Frame 1 by Beta-Type-Jakuri on DeviantArt

Well, yeah, this is a body frame I rigged up looking off of some official art from Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica a while back, I saved the blank part of it to my computer for future use.

Draw Female Body Types by ~kelleybean86 on deviantART  This is really interesting

Aprenda a Desenhar #3: Corpo Humano+Perspectiva+Animais

This is to Draw Female Body Types. But I like seeing the body types all out there and they are all beautiful