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not sure why I found this so funny...but I lol'd and lol'd.. except for the F word :(

Reading, Parents and Phone: We must go deeper.

What even. I love the internet. But who would choose going on their phone over reading a glorious, glorious book. And the girl in the picture is reading ddiary of a part time indian (great book)

These Are The Most Epic Burns In The History Of The Internet

Funny pictures about John Oliver Interviewing Stephen Hawking. Oh, and cool pics about John Oliver Interviewing Stephen Hawking. Also, John Oliver Interviewing Stephen Hawking photos.

Sooo my Matt.♡..lol

25 Pictures That Are Way, Way Too Real For People Who Hate People

Your face when someone you hate is talking. So me everyday at work.this is the way I feel but I hope I contain it better than this.SO TRUE

pinterest | campbellxsoup

pinterest | campbellxsoup

My favourite toast

My favourite toast

Funny pictures about Favorite Toasts. Oh, and cool pics about Favorite Toasts. Also, Favorite Toasts photos.

Bad decisions make good stories....and I always have a good story.  Cheers!

For example: today's bad decision involved choosing mint chocolate chip as my milkshake flavor of choice at the ice cream parlor today. I am currently about to have an aneurysm because there's a choc chip stuck in my straw.


Jacques Derrida interview with Ornette Coleman, 23 June 1997 / "The Other's Language" / trans.