Breast Cancer Awareness Tatoo ~    I want to get one or two done to celebrate beating Stage III Breast Cancer & something like this would be perfect. I would have pink ribbons or pink boxing gloves in place of the red stars; other than that I love the idea!!

I'm the toughest girl I know. Thinking about a Survivor, Warrior, or Fighter inspired tattoo for my newfound scars. As it turns out, I am now the toughest girl I know.

Hope cancer awareness tattoo. Would change the color of the ribbon for my dad.

55 Breast Cancer Tattoo Pictures

Breast Cancer Tattoos Breast cancer tattoos are a symbol of resistance and support. It doesn’t matter if the wearer has cancer themselves, or if they are honoring a loved one!

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I want something like this tattooed on the side of one of my breast, in honor of my grandmother who died due to breast cancer.

Pink Ribbon Butterflies T-Shirt on

Pink Ribbon Butterflies Light T-Shirt


Fearless Tattoo Could be for someone i know, or even for myself since that ribbon is also for Cleft Palates, not just breast cancer.